Can I get you a refill?

We get it...nothing is very exciting about refilling your pet's medicines. And drug and food manufacturers continue to have problems obtaining the ingredients or hiring staff to make food and medicines. And now, there is inflation making things that we can get for ourselves and our pets even more expensive. Here are some tips that can help...

Call or email us when you have 1-2 weeks of your pet's ongoing prescription food or medicine on hand. We try to have most widely used medicines available and we can usually offer you a very affordable price. Some dog and cat moms and dads like us to keep their charge cards on file, so they can grab-and-go when it is time to pick up. For added convenience, clients with charges on file sometimes ask to pick their medicines up after hours.

We are pleased to report that we continue to negotiate better than internet prices on heartworm and flea control, plus we offer substantial vendor rebates. So, you can get some big savings by purchasing these products from us. Also, you are getting the newest and the best products that we screen and select for your pet.

We recommend that you have 3-4 weeks of your pet's food on hand. This is to prevent your pet from having to shift food abruptly and unexpectedly due to supply chain surprises. A sudden diet change may cause vomit, diarrhea, stomach pain, or refusing to eat. So preparation can be best for you and your pet. We are recommending you select the autoship feature on Vetsource Online Pharmacy or Hills-to-Home to be sure that you have plenty of your pet's regular diet on hand.

No one could have predicted what life in the 20's would be like. When I think of the suffering of those who we lost during the pandemic, it makes me think that increased prices and decreased conveniences are noteworthy, but insignificant compared to the losses of others. Fortunately, we have our pets to provide us comfort.

Maureen Kubisz, DVM

Total Pet Hospital LLC

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