Happy Easter!

Although live animals in a basket make an adorable picture, this may not be what the Easter Bunny should bring the children. When I was a child, I heard of ducklings and chicks being gifted, then released to the park as the animals matured. Before there were video games, a weekly visit to the park to feed the geese was a

guaranteed way to tire a toddler. In fact, when I was a child, I thought the geese lived in the park because people had donated the birds, and not because they were wild.

Now, some suburban families have pet chickens in their yard. So if you have the desire, means, and commitment to get ducklings and geese, great. Here, Doctors Hagens and Harvey caution us to think before adding live animals to the Easter basket -

Just a reminder that we will be celebrating the holiday from April 14th, Thursday, 1pm until April 16th, Saturday 9am.

Have a blessed holiday!

Maureen Kubisz, DVM, CVA and Staff

Total Pet Hospital LLC

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