Happy Mother's Day!

Updated: May 5, 2021

To all dog and cat moms and dads:

You deserve to be recognized for all you do to care for your fur babies. Who we know are very much part of the family.

We know that you get up early and in all kinds of weather to exercise Fido.

We know that you cook all kinds of foods for mittens to try to get her to eat.

We know that you spent all night with Lady at the pet emergency room.

We know how much your pet means to you and we know our clients are the best dog moms and dads.

Which is why we at Total Pet Hospital want to thank you on behalf of your beloved fur family. We like to think if your fur baby could speak they would say something like:

Growing up I don’t think I realized just how much you did to keep our day-to-day life running so smoothly. Now that I’m grown up, I am in awe of everything you did for us, and I admire you all the more. Thank you for making my childhood such a special one! I love you, Mom! You were always there for me if I was sick or had a bad dream, or needed help. Even now, you always make me feel loved and important even when you have a million other things on your plate. Happy Mother’s Day, and thank you.

We hope you have a very special day!

Total Pet Hospital

1100 US HWY 9

Howell, NJ 07733


Maureen Kubisz DVM

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