Laser therapy helps senior dog to walk again!

This 11 year old beautiful Coton de Tulear dog is Jazzmyne. We first met Jazzmyne three months ago, when her dog mom and dad brought her to Total Pet Hospital LLC for a second opinion. In December, Jazzmyne was having big issues walking, and the last veterinarian who saw Jazzmyne was talking about a back surgery that was estimated at many thousands of dollars.

We treated Jazzmyne with medical management; she had pills to use at home to reduce inflammation and eliminate muscle cramps. Jazzmyne's dog mom is a human physiotherapist, so she made a work out routine that they did regularly at home. We added laser treatments two to three times a week at Total Pet Hospital LLC.

Jazzmyne's dog mom was so pleased with the progress, that she sent us some before and after videos to share.

In Jazzmyne's first video, she is unable to put the pads of her back feet on the floor, so she just drags her hind legs when crawling forward.

In Jazzmyne's second video, she is walking much better. She is able to stand and walk without assistance.

In Jazzmyne's third video, she runs in her yard! This is great progress for three months.

Laser therapy uses a device that looks similar to a flash light. The veterinary assistant places the special intensity light on the pet's skin for a few minutes a session. This does not hurt the pet. Typical laser sessions are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. By adding light to injured tissue, your pet may be able to heal faster than with medicines alone. We are happy to help Jazzmyne to walk again, and we also have excellent laser reports of pet with injured and infected skin who benefitted from laser therapy.

If you would like to add laser therapy treatment for your pet, please call us to discuss the details. If you are a dog mom or dad of a senior pet who is no longer his best, laser may be an option for you if medicine is not eliminating pain or lameness, or if you just don't want to give too many pills. Let's work together to give your pet his best life.

Maureen Kubisz, DVM, CVA

Total Pet Hospital LLC

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