Spring cleaning your pet

Let's take a quiz about pet grooming! See how well you do...

Question #1: True or False? A cat doesn't need a bath in the sink, since she grooms herself.

Answer #1: False. A healthy cat will use her tongue to remove parasites from her skin and coat, but this is no substitute for a shower. Some veterinarians feel that as our cats go about their days, they are picking up chemicals from our house with their fur. Small amounts of furniture polish and whatever we dragged in on our shoes may not be toxic. However, the cat that never gets bathed by people will potentially lick a lifetime's worth of chemicals from her coat. This may lead to liver damage as the pet matures.

Question #2: True or False? Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Head and Shoulders Shampoo, and Joy Dishwashing Detergent are excellent choices for bathing dogs and cats.

Answer #2: False. Pets should be washed with shampoo labeled for pets, who have different skin pH than people. This means, using people shampoo on your pet may cause irritation and scratching after the bath. If your pet has been exposed to a greasy topical substance, such as skunk spray or motor oil, a special bath with Joy can help remove the grease from the pet's coat. However, this is not the shampoo for a regular bath.

Question #3: True or False? Tangles can safely be removed from a pet's coat with scissors

Answer #3: False. Using scissors near your pet's skin can result in a deep cut that must be sutured. A professional groomer typically will only reach for the scissors near the end of the grooming, using scissors to carefully trim fur that is clean and brushed. If your pet has clumps of fur that look like cotton balls, please bring the pet to our office so we may help.

Question #4: True or False? A pet whose hair is tangled should be bathed at home before professional grooming

Answer #4: False. Bathing a tangled pet can move the tangles closer to the fur, making it more painful for the tangles to be removed by the professional groomer. Also, soap may be difficult to rinse from tangled coats, which may cause irritated skin. Better to just request a doggie crew cut, then commit to a plan for regular home and professional grooming.

Question #5: True or false? A pet that is professionally groomed every three months does not need to be brushed or washed at home

Answer #4: True or false! If your pet's style is to have fur one inch or longer, you will have to brush your pet a few times a week to prevent tangles. Also, if you have a northern breed dog, such as a husky or German shepherd, you will have to brush your pet outside weekly to prevent excess shedding in your house.

Finally, if your life style is more of a wash and go type, it is okay to ask the groomer to give your dog a 'smoothie' two or three times a year. In that case, you don't need to brush at home. And if your pet is looking for more glamour, but you are not able to brush at home, professional grooming every 1-2 weeks may be recommended.

How did you do on the fun quiz?

0-3 answers correct - we are glad you found us! Please keep enjoying our blogs and bring your pet to our office when in need of professional grooming

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Lets work together to have your pet experience the best life!

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